Endangered Seasons – Schuylkill Center


Endangered Seasons “Frost” – Installation at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Photographing trees through the change of seasons, I’ve witnessed a dramatic evolution of life and atmosphere. My imagery speaks to the specificity and depth of the forest environment. The seasonal cycle is a delicate balance of systems in nature highlighting the graceful continuity of life and death. As human existence and the livelihood of many plant and animal species depend on reliably moderate climates, our very survival is at stake without these natural cycles in place.   Facing massive deforestation due to industry and global warming itself, the ill-fated future of our forests and seasons is undeniable unless we intervene. To focus attention on climate change, support improved environmental policies, and encourage an appreciation for forests and their fragility, my work emphasizes the cyclical beauty of seasons and the delicacy of nature.