Midnight Mass


Midnight Mass, a solo exhibition by Amie Potsic at The Delaware Contemporary

My work references the sensory experience of being within the forest while encouraging us to appreciate and preserve its future. Incarnate environmental explorations, my photographs and installations invite you to connect with your own perception of nature in a manner that is both intimate and enchanting. I focus on the beauty and mystery of the forest to share my sense of wonder, develop our connection to trees, and encourage environmental protections. Personal experience underscoring the urgency of climate change, I draw attention to deforestation by creating visceral and cerebral connections to trees and the natural world.

Midnight Mass is a site-specific installation created from over 250 linear feet of silk. The semi-translucent silk with photographic imagery from the forest weaves its way through the air to arch, bend, and arabesque in the sky. The panels extend from the entrance reaching up toward the looming windows behind to be backlit like stained glass in a cathedral. The installation fills the space in graceful, abstract lines and draping, drawing the eye up toward the apex of the room, reminiscent of flying buttresses. Looking up at the illuminated silk conjures a sense of our own scale and place in the universe. Parallel to the service of Midnight Mass, a mystical ceremony taking place just before a desired redemption, perhaps we are in a similar moment of truth and opportunity.  With eyes gazing upward at the forest canopy, it is midnight on the cusp.

To see the Virtual Exhibition go to: https://www.amiepotsicartadvisory.com/virtual-exhibitions-blog/2020/3/17/midnight-mass-featuring-artist-amie-potsic